Cameron’s Conservatives funded by the British taxpayers

March 3rd, 2010

So now we know after all these years of speculattion. Lord Ashcroft has not been paying his British taxes, because although because of loopholes in the law he can claim he is a ‘long-term British resident’. Even though he has kept his non-dom status so has been avoiding his British taxes.

What this means, which the Westminster British press corps has not yet realised, is that the money Ashcroft has been pouring into Cameron’s funds, is just part of what he has saved because he has managed to cling on to his non-dom status2

So the British taxpayer has been funding the Conservative Party!

The millions Ashcroft has given the Conservatives is just a part of the taxes he has not paid.

I don’t want a public enquiry, which will report two or three years  hence.

Bt I do think that if Cameron wants to win this election he should fire Ashcroft now.

His conference election speech was based on Obama’s call for Change.

Obama realised before the banking crisis that change was necessary.

Which means governments everywhere taking back power from the financiers like Ashcroft, who are motivated by making as much money for themselves as possible.

They are the people who have created the crisis.

Cameron if he wants to win must show that he is not their pawn.

He is not doing well. As the opinion polls show.

Despite the huge unpopularity of Gordon Brown his poll lead has whittled away.

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