Big Society, Big Con

April 21st, 2010

According to The Guardian tonight, senior Conservatives are telling David Cameron that there is so such thing as his Big Society. As well they might. Although his invitiation to the people – that’s us, folks – to join the government sounds like a big change from Thatcher, who declared there was no such thing as Society, the electorate think it is a Con, with a small C and a big C.

It is the party of big business and the bankers trying to persuade the electorate that they are acting in the interests of ordinary folk, rather than the the money which supports them.

Just like Oliver Letwin, my own MP in Dorset, who on Saturday night, was telling party members his plans for bringing the bankers into line. Despite the fact that his own pay cheque comes from one of the oldest and most successful of the banks, N. M. Rothcschild.

Letwin is one of the principal architects of the Big Society strategy.

The verdict of the electorate, delivered after last Thursday’s television debate, is unmistakeable.

The voters, who want a change, think  Cameron, like Brown, is offering more of the same.

Since last Thursday, the Tory strategy has changed. They have targeted the winner of the debate.

By arguing that a vote for Clegg is a vote for a hung parliament, leaving Gordon Brown in power.

Which is the subject of my next blog.

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