His mother’s son

November 18th, 2010

Prince William has won the hearts of our country. Although yesterday’s photocall for the world press was carefully orchestrated by Palace officials, the message was clearly William’s own. He gave his chosen beloved the ring which his Dad gave his mother, Diana, on, what we all know was that terrible sham of a fairy tale wedding, when Prince Charles, made the kind of marriage he thought  was the right one for his constitutional role.

Even though he was deeply in love with his current wife, who, at that time, happened to be married to one of his court. Parker Bowles.

The Palace officials hyped up that marriage, suggesting that Charles was marrying a woman of the people. The media bought it, because, unlike Prince Philip, Diana did not have royal blood. Buy, of course, she was an aristo, whose family dated back to the Duke of Marlborough, a family line which had produced, amongst others, Winston Churchill. Which played well with the US market, who loved, and still loved Winston, but have not warmed to any subsequent British  PM, apart from Margaret Thatcher.

Kate, like Diana, had the sort of looks which had men gagging for it. But, unlike Dianna, she had a university education, and before that a schooling at Marlborough, a not bad public school (for American readers, this means private school, for which her parents had to pay.)

So she  is her own woman. She  knows, better than most of the media commentators no today’s events, that her husband is not such a great catch, although she loves him.

Although at the moment he is front page news, her husband faces the prospect of spending most of his life as a minor Royal in the soap opera.

It is not at all impossible that our Queen might live to be 110, which means that William has another 16 years  before he is even the Prince of Wales. And his Dad might well live to be 100.

Science shows that the most reliable indicator of long life is heridity. And the Royals are long-lived. And also that the rich live longer than the poor. And the Royals are super rich. Charles, who does not hit the bottle and the fags like his grandmother may  well live to be 100, by which time William will be 68. Beyond the usual retirement age.

That does not matter for the governnaunce of Britain, which is ruled by Parliament and the cabinet.

Not  the monarchy.

The only discordant note today was  from the Prime Minister, David Cameron, who described it ‘as  great day for our country’.

No doubt in the hope that the feel good news of the Royal Wedding would help him to push through his programe which will  make the poor poorer.

He forgets that the monarchy was saved by a New Labour PM, Tony Blair, who took on the Queen, when she was insensitiwe to the mood after Diana’s death.

The Queen and the other Royals learned from that.

But not Cameron.

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