Cameron’s own goal

December 2nd, 2010

David Cameron may well go down as the first British prime minister in history, whose downfall started, when he decided that scoring goals for British football, was a priority job. The fact that FIFA has not chosen England to host the World Cup, would not have been a cause for national mourning. And, maybe he thought that if he won it for England, the people would be on over-joyed they would forget about our financial crisis. And the growing number of people, who are being deprived of their jobs, and their livelihood by his government.

Harold Wilson, played to the press, by courting the working class vote, by appearing at Huddesfield Town football matches.

But he never thought that what happened in football was more important than what happened to the national economy.

Cameron, could, with dignity, have made his speeches, but entrusted his Culture minister with the job of pressing England’s case.

That he chose to go himself, was a grave misjudgment.

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