Justice and the Law

December 15th, 2010

The Guardian reports just now that papers have been filed in the High Court showing that the phone hacking culture was endemic at the Nnews of  the World.

Yet the Met Police a few days ago reported they were unab9le to find srifficient evidence to bring ex-editor Andy Coulsonon, now Darvid Cameron’s press officer, to trial.

The Wikileaks’ founder won his appeal at the High Court, the sent back to jail for Christmas, while Swedish lawyers try to force him back to Sweden to face contested sex charges.

Despite the fact that most of the press know how to find him.

He is not fleeing justice.

Just asking for freedom to carry on despite the pressure from the US to nail Wikileaks.

David Cameron and most of the press have lambassted the student march. But a friend who was there saw only police bbrutality.

And the best that Theresa May offers is ‘contact’ witth the duchess!

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