Cameron has lost the plot

January 23rd, 2011

Today, David Cameron, faced the first serious challenge of his government. One of his most senior colleagues, Chris Huhne, spoke aot  against him.

Or, rather against the sort of clap trap that has been produced by the mainstream press.

Huhne, said today, that the phone tapping was clearly not the result of one rogue reporter. Hughn, a former journalist, merely voiced what a9ll journalists know.

Which is how newsrooms work.

But David Cameron has not fired him.

Because Cameron also knows how newsrooms work. Because his first job was working as a lackey for a Jewish  media tycoon,  when he learnt how to spin. Journalists who were around at the time remember him.

And, he was something far short of the apostle of truth. He was  a hiredd hack for a fairly ruthless media operator, who believed that the private sector delivered truth, as opposed to the BBC, which was a left wing conspiracy.

Peopled by the likes of  Nick Robinson, who would like to be a Conserervative MP.

Not at all the left wing conspiracy, which Rupert Murdoch alleges.

Cameron has not only employed a Murdoch lackey as his press officer, he has, like Brown and Blair before him, welcomed Rupert Murdoch into Downing Street, to hear what he thinks is right for Britain.

Although, Murdoch is a born Australian, but now an American citizen, and the owner of Fox News, who is America, have fostered the hate campaign, which led to the  attempted assasination of an American senator. And, who has contribited millions to the US Republican Party.

Rupert Murdoch has already been given power over the British press which violates the monopoly rules existing when I started work in journalism in 1955.

He owns the Sun, hugely prosperous, because it shows female nipples on Page Three, and provides detailed sports coverage.

But, politics, it is a joke.

But  Murdoch was also allowed to win The Times, which is supposed to be a serious newspaper. Murdoch put in his own men to run it, with disastrous results. But, since then he  has hired some decent journalists, so that  The Times has recovered some of its credibility. But of course it toes the Murdoch line on Europe and on God, about whom most Brits are deeply sceptical.

So Murdoch has too much power already. And should not be allowed to gain 100 per cent ownership of Sky.

But the rest of the press is equally tainted.

The Telegraph, who sent in dolly birds to lure Vince Cable into indiscretions, about Rupert Murdoch, is owned by tax exiles, the Barclay twins, who are politically to the right of David Cameron.

The Daily Mail, still owned by the Northcliffe family, who are as resolutely right wing, as they were in 1894, feeds its readers with a murder a day, right wing political coverage, good sports, and lots of dolly bird coverage, but mostly not bare nipples. Lots of titivavtion for the males, but nothing offensive to most of the female readership.

The Express, which was the best selling newspaper when I began my journalist career in 1955, is now owned by the pornograher general, who is rich on porn. The Mirror, once the people’s newspaper, is a joke, underfunded, and with declining circulations.

The Independant, is kept alive by a few journalists, who work for love and commitment to decent journalism. It has no resources to cover interantional news. And few readers.

The only effective newspaper, who has opposed this right wing ramp is The Guardian, owned by the Scott Trust, deriving from its original Liberal owners. It’s circulation is minute compared, even with The Times, let alone The Sun. But it carries international clout on the web.

So obviously Murdoch has too much media power already, and should  not be allowed to get more without scrutiny.

But the real scandal, is that the majority of the British electorate is not Conservative.

But the mainstream media is overwhelmingly Conservative.

Britain has a free press, if you are rich enough to own media.

The millions who vote Labour or Liberal Democrat do  not have a press to advance their cause.

That is much more important than Murdoch, who is not immortal, and will be dead soon.

And his sons and daughters are not as shrewd as him. But the competetion are the Barclay Twins, tax exiles in the Channel Islands, the pornograher general, etc, etc.

We don’t have a free press.

We have a press run by a few rich men, who are prepared to spend their millions on newspapers, which mostly do not make money, but which give them power and influence.

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