Cameron – the dog who did not bark in the night

January 24th, 2011

Dear reader, you may have noticed that your prime minister has not commented on the departure from his government of the Rupert Murdoch hack, Andy Coulson. To whom he was devoted.

He has left Nick Clegg, his Liberal Democrat deputy, to carry the flack . So that he can evade the odour of being exposed as as someone whoo  was quite prepared to employ one of Murdoch’s minions, who  tookj the flak for his boss.

Cameron, like Blair and Brown before him, is quite happy to see Rupert Murdoch via the garden entrance to 10 Downing Street. Although, theee days he is not even an Australian,  he is an American citizen. But he is super rich, and he owns a huge chunk of the British media.

Far more than the monopoly rules advise.

And whom Cameron still courts. Although Andy Coulson is gone.

As well they might, because Murdoch has been super successful in getting newspaper readers and television viewers to consume his prodduct.

And Cameron, and Blair and Brown before him, kiss his arse.

Despite the evidence from hundreds of polls, that the great British public  does not share Murdoch’s born again belief in his kind of Christian God.

And despite the evidence, those of the British electorate who support te Conservatives are a minority. Many support the Liberal Democrats. A much greater number vote Labour, but their only consistent support is from  The Guardian, which is written by Oxbridge educated chaps.

No newspaper, no television channel, speaks for today’s British worker.

Britain’s free press is only available to those who have millions to spare.

That is what the competition commission should  be looking at.

Not only, Murdoch, but the other tycoons, who are trying to cash in by selling their wares.

Not driven by journalism and the pursuit of  truth.

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