About me

Bob Jones worked as a journalist for The Times, The Economist, Forbes Magazine in New York, The Statist and the Investor’s Chronicle. He taught management students at the Manchester and London Business Schools and journalism students at City University, London. He is now an Emeritus Fellow. That’s the professional history.Became a blogger on 12 August 2006. His biases.

Politics: JFK Democrat. Trade unionist. Feminist. Heroes: Disraeli, Freud and Marx. Heroines: George Eliiot, Simone de Beauvoir, Hannah Arendt and Shirley Williams.

Religion: Born Christian. Born again Darwinian.

Class: Born working class. Educated state school and university. Now middle class.

Academic: Arts degree but in geography which gave me some grounding in science and economics.

Sexuality: heterosexual: But who knows what urges he will get tomorrow.

Financial Disclosure. His income comes from pensions and occasional freelance journalism.

Pet Obsession: Telling readers that they do not need to go on using the grossly inefficient keyboard layout that was invented for nineteenth century typewriters. The Dvorak layout, invented in 1934,is much better and it is in your computer. Time to retire QWERTY tells you the essence of the story. To find out how to switch to Dvorak visit www.typingbytouch.

Contact Me: bob@thedailynovel.com.